Mexican Style Sockets with Groove


Sockets with groove

Size:20mm and 25mm

Coating with Daikin Teflon , 3 layered coating

Silverstone Grey Sockets & Spigots

Each incoming material of Daikin teflon with Daikin quality certification.

If the sockets have stock , we can deliver out immediatly. If without stock , it will take about 7 days.


Environment Protection

FUYI TOOLS socket fusion welding machines are used in the plastic pipe system for energy , gas and water. We provide environmentally friendly products to our customers. We operate in stict according with environmental protection requirements in producing. FUYI TOOLS have the eia certification from the Chinese government. About coating sockets & spigots , there are exhaust gas treatment equipment in our factory. The equipment is inspected by the government environmental protection department.

Exhaust gas treatment system in FUYI TOOLS

Exhaust gas treatment system



Socket Fusion Welding Machine Operation Guidance


socket fusion welding machine instruction